The Trust Services

Human Resource Management

We have significant experience and expertise in supporting HR issues through sickness management, disciplinary process, contractual changes and staffing restructures. We offer a broad and varied CPD programme. The Trust offers, for those on our contracts, the opportunities for high quality training and support. There will be opportunities for staff of partner academies to gain additional experience working across the SLAT as well as within their own schools as part of our commitment to professional development.

Specialist School Services

There are significant opportunities for students and children to learn together across academies through sport, drama and music, and by accessing specialist facilities at each academy. There is a detailed transition programme for primary schools, giving access to specialist facilities at our academies. Our music service supports the administration and deployment of our instrumental music teachers to offer tuition from Year 7 through to post-16 students. Our educational visits coordinator supports an extensive range of trips and visits locally and internationally for our academies.

Project Management

The Chief Operations Officer has successfully led on a number of significant capital projects and refurbishments and has a proven track record of strong financial management, including turning around a deficit in schools.

School Improvement

SLAT Chief Executive Officer is a DfE approved sponsor, sharing significant experience of school improvement and has supported schools in Lincolnshire.  The success of the SLAT in improving our academies has been subject to a DfE case study of ‘good practice’.

Site Management

Our site team is led by an experienced SLAT Chief Operations Officer, who as well as managing the sites of our academies, has managed a number of projects bringing resilience and expertise to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget and facilities are well managed and offer a clean and well-maintained condition to best facilitate learning, complying with all the expectations of current health and safety legislation.

IT Services

The IT team is led by an experienced IT Network Manager, who leads a team that has significant experience in both windows and mac networking environments and has also supported schools across different sites to noticeable improvements in the quality of the services on offer.  This team includes the Trust E Communications Lead, who manages the SLAT website and the websites of our academies, as well as managing all social media platforms across the SLAT.

Catering Services

Our catering team operates on a non-profit basis, without the need for subsidy and provides first-rate food that the SLAT staff enjoy alongside our younger clients.

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